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Where children are happy to learn

Every day we provide a wide range of toys and equipment so that children can learn about the world around them and develop new skills through play and play-based activities.


During play children develop very important social and communication skills, making friends, sharing toys, being kind, taking turns, playing safely, talking and listening, and taking part in play as a group.


During the session staff provide play-based activities, providing additional learning opportunities suited to the children’s individual level of development. Towards the end of the session the children take part in a ‘group activity’ where we all play parachute games, use PE equipment, play musical instruments, listen to stories, or sing nursery rhymes, number songs or action songs.

Here's an idea of some of the things we do........

Mark Making

Drawing and colouring using a wide range of equipment such as crayons, pencils, chalks, white boards, or aquadraw. This allows children to develop skills in holding pens, pen control, and giving meaning to
their drawing.


Creative Table

Painting with brushes, sponges, toothbrushes, vegetables, fingers……. Cutting and sticking, colouring, or crayon rubbing. A great time for to get creative with different media and tools, and to express themselves! They are also developing small movement and coordination skills, along with language skills as they talk about their creations.


Construction Toys

Building and creating all sorts of things – developing problem solving skills and small movement skills, and expressing themselves at the same time.


Information Technology

Children have access to tablets everyday, with fun interactive games to develop problem solving skills and the confidence to use technology. Other technology based toys also help children to learn about, and become familiar with, modern technology.


Small World Toys

A great opportunity for imaginative play, developing language as the children talk, make noises and put on voices, and raising awareness of the world around us as they play.


Role Play

A range of dressing up clothes and role play toys allow children to pretend to be lots of people in the community – developing imagination, creativity and language skills, and raising awareness of people and places in our community.



A great opportunity for children to be creative, use tools, and investigate – developing imagination, language, small hand movements and coordination.


Problem Solving

A range of toys to help children to develop problem solving and thinking skills, along with small hand movement and coordination as they play.


Physical Play Equipment

Indoor play equipment to help children to develop skills such as balance and coordination, and helping to build confidence as they master a new skill!



Small, cosy, areas where children can sit and chat with their friends, or use their imagination as their den becomes their imaginary place!


‘Open-ended’ Resources

A wide range of bits and bobs which children use to create all sorts of things to support their imaginative play!


The Garden

Our well-equipped garden provides lots of opportunities to exercise and get fresh air, develop movement and coordination skills, and take part in imaginative play.


We grow plants in the garden, and hunt in the log pile and soil tub for minibeasts, raising the children’s awareness of the natural world.


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