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Parent comments from recent questionnaire.



The names of individual children have been removed.


Learning and development.

  • I think you really do well in encouraging positive by: having a display board showing pictures of respecting each other, the certificates children receive and the star chart.

  • My son is much more confident and social within a group now.

  • I really like how this prepares them for the school environment (Pre-school - Monday afternoon sessions)

  • *** really surprised us on a trip to a theme park where she stood perfectly in long queues. She said she learnt to ‘line up’ at playschool. From what we see at home she’s very good at sharing and particularly good at encouraging others to get involved.

  • *** imagination is definitely growing more and more!

  • I think there is a healthy and successful balance of directed activity and learning through play.

  • My son received support support when he first started playgroup through small group intervention, as he was very timid and quiet. I was able to watch this once and was impressed with the care taken to develop the group’s social skills through play, turn taking and modelled speech. It had a very positive impact on my child and his confidence has grown.

  • Recent addition of tablets has added another element of learning through I.T.

  • *** is always coming home saying lots of new things and doing lots of new things we have not taught him - showing how much he is gaining.

  • *** was quite shy when he first started, now he talks about all his new friends and jumps up and down outside excited to go in.

  • He has shown lots of interest in being independent recently, trying to put his own shoes and socks on and also taken an interest in cooking and cleaning.

  • Preschool - Not been to many sessions yet but my daughter is excited about preparing for school and enjoys the sessions.

  • There is lots of opportunity to do many different activities.

  • The flexibility to choose activities (and to just play) means my child has developed lots of natural (non-manufactured) friendships.

  • In particular my child has a lot of opportunity for independent learning and engaging with lots of other children.

  • Preschool - whilst there have only been a few of these so far, my child seems very enthused about letters and which ones are in his name.

Welfare of the Children.

  • Excellent recent focus on hygiene - my child loved receiving a flannel and comb.

  • She has never had any injuries or accidents to my knowledge at playschool.

  • My daughter has had quite a few accidents whilst at playgroup.

  • Healthy snacks, lots of play indoor and out.

  • *** likes to show us how well he can wash his hands, many times a day.

  • The playgroup seems very well run.

  • The outdoor space is brilliant! The occasional cooking opportunity is good.

Leadership and Management: Parents as Partners.

  • Good communication via letters, social media and meetings.

  • I think it is really nice how you do parents/grandparents days to come into playschool so we get to see our child in the play school environment.

  • All staff members are lovely.

  • *** in particular has always made herself available to speak to if needed.

  • We have used some of the resources you provided when playing at home - incy wincy spider/fish-finger numeracy games with great success

  • Staff are always extremely friendly and professional.

  • Love the facebook group for info and also the notes home about how they did their art are good.

  • Yes, it is reflected in how much he talks about the teachers.

  • Always provide time to discuss queries.

Stay and Play.

  • It’s  great to see how she’s getting on and what she gets up to.

  • As my son went to a different playgroup/pre-school I have something to compare. Stay and play sessions were never offered. My daughter loves showing me her folder and it’s lovely as a parent to see how well she has come on.

  • It is very lovely to see your child in his school environment.

  • Really enjoy these.

Learning Journey’s.

  • Very detailed and and informative.

  • It’s particularly nice to see photos too!

  • *** loves showing me her learning journey as she’s really proud to share what she has done.

  • Nicely done,

Other Questions.

  • We are very happy with how she has settled at playschool and find it has been very beneficial to both me and her.

  • It’s clear to see how much the children adore all the staff and that the feeling is mutual.

  • I have never had any concerns regarding *** safety at playschool.

Any other comments.

  • I feel it would be beneficial to have a ‘physical’ activity session every now and then. It would be good to get them into the concepts of P.E early.

  • I am so impressed with Britannia Fields Playgroup. All the staff are approachable and *** is always talking about her key worker. We have noticed how much her speech has come on and her confidence. I would also recommend this playgroup to other parents. A big thank you to all the staff.

  • I am happy with the care and support my child receives from Britannia Fields playgroup. It is a warm , nurturing environment with calm, friendly staff.

  • Overall fantastic, well ran, organised and well cared for by the staff when my child attends. My child loves coming to playgroup every morning, to see his friends and the friendly faces of all the staff he knows so well now.

  • Love. love, love this playgroup!

  • We are extremely happy with the playgroup. They are very supportive of our disabled child. Britannia fields goes over and above the expectation. Our daughter loves going to playgroup. Staff are really lovely and caring,

  • I feel that Britannia playgroup is a well rounded environment which offers my son a variety of activities to fulfill his learning needs.

  • *** thoroughly enjoys attending and I feel safe knowing she is with you and enjoying herself whilst learning. We will both be sad when it’s time for her to move on.

  • I think Britannia Playgroup is exceptional. All staff are kind welcoming and natural with the children.

  • Since starting at playschool my *** have come on so much in every way. Confidence, skills and communication being but a few. I can’t thank you all enough for the help and support you continually give :

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